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Good Morning Lovelies, 

Growing up with four brothers meant that I was introduced to a whole collection of shows. From Sky One’s Dream Team to Only Fools and Horses. There was a real mixture being shown and one of the classics was Star Trek. However, sadly the show never stayed on my radar after I reached a certain age and I left the world of Captain Spock and Klingon behind.

Until 2017/2018, when Netflix announced that they would be bringing back the space age drama in a completely new format to all other versions (I am looking at you JJ Abrams) that would see one of the biggest budgets ever spent for the show. Taking audiences back to classic stories and the way that they were presented before, Netflix knew how to draw us all in. Yet, the story of the first season didn’t do so well in this case.

With shiny new outfits, ships and set pieces that look like real pieces of art on display, the characters are all fresh faces, who are taking each voyage as they go. Especially one young recruit, who must face the hardships of a life in space from the moment the show begins.

There is a dark depth to this series, which never lets up however and that can make it intimidating for those who may not have seen the show before. Nothing runs smoothly for the crews, made up of the likes of Rainn Wilson, Mary Wiseman and Sonequa Martin-Green, as they venture in to providing us with blockbuster worthy TV shows.

However, with the new additions and the ways in which they make their characters stand out, the show feels like it never left. It doesn’t feel like a new world has been made, just added to in a superb way, when it comes to the stars of the show. Each figure holds nothing back and you can see them forcing out their best to make sure audiences can enjoy the Starfleet once again.

It may not be what many remember it as, but viewers should remember that times have changed, and the new graphics and sounds will make for even better viewing. As well as the Klingon subtitles that have been added to the disc. If Sheldon Cooper was a real person, I imagine this is where he would get very excited.

Overall, the show brings back the old school charm it once had, but hooks in new audiences with new faces. Approachable, fun and a little dark too, all make this drama one thrilling ride. Earning it this…

4 Stars

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Joey X

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