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Good Morning Lovelies,

For years, the Nativity has been told on the big screen. From an all singing school story to classic animations and live action retelling’s that would scare anyone, the holy tale is one viewed by many.

Yet, in a new version of the story, The Star, tells of it from the point of view of the animals there on the night. And I’m afraid there isn’t a lobster present in this feature (sorry Love Actually fans).

As animal features become ever popular with young cinema goers, The Star draws into their wants with the creators telling the story through the life of a young donkey called Bo. Looking for a new life beyond his little village, he escapes, only to become friends with Mary and Joseph, who show him the kindness he wants.

Upon entering his new life, he meets new friends including Ruth, a sheep and lots of other farmyard and exotic animals along the way. All of which who join to follow the star to the first ever Christmas.

Whilst older audiences will already know the story and not find much new here, younger viewers will delight in the fun nature that this story takes to tell the tale of how Christmas was said to begin. It is an original idea and one that will bring the nativity to life in any household.

It may not be perfect, but the sweet animals take on the birth of Jesus has a softer edge to it that will educate all, all over again.

Earning the film this...

3 Stars

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Joey X

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