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Good Morning Lovelies,

For several years now, The Rock has been the ultimate leading man when it comes to those big action films our cinema screens love. Yet, in his latest release Skyscraper, he fails to save the features day.

Playing former FBI agent Will Sawyer, the film follows him as he moves into a Hong Kong-based skyscraper known as The Pearl with his family. Brought in to protect it, Sawyer finds his worst fears coming true when he is faced with the building being placed under threat from terrorists, whilst his family is inside it.

Director Rawson Marshall Thurber is more well known for making films that add comedy and laughter to people’s lives. Yet, in this feature, he leaves audiences wondering how Dwayne Johnson can take on such a horrific incident by himself and save the day. All of which making people laugh but not in the same way or the right way in which he intends for it to be.

There is too much to the plot that makes you think that all hope needs to be lost unless Johnson saves it. Something that may have now been made or processed between the director and actor many times before.

Don’t get me wrong, Johnson can lead the way, but the story and screen action within Skyscraper isn’t the film to show this done well. In fact, it is the film that will make audiences question whether it is time that Thurber’s goes back to the comedy features people adore.

There so, I am giving the film...

2 Stars

Skyscraper is out now on Blu-ray and DVD!

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