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Good Morning Lovelies,

Going back to her X Files routes, but in a new tale, Gillian Anderson returns in UFO. A film that is still making audiences want to believe in the sightings.

Alex Sharp appears as Derek, a young man fascinated and haunted by the UFO sightings that he spotted as a child. After years of believing, he finds himself even more determined to find out the truth when several reports are made about flying objects near a number of airports.

Getting his girlfriend and his maths professor (Anderson) to help him to uncover the truth, the trip fight to find out what is happening. All before an FBI agent tracks them down.

Unlike the X Files, Anderson’s latest venture holds its own. Not trying to be clever or prove a point, the feature entices audiences to watch with the idea that some people do believe, and they must be accepted. There must also be a real reason for the sightings and the film wants to know what it is.

It is a clever thinking piece, which uses what many have already seen to get discussions going again. Of course, many moments have been portrayed in a similar way, but not many with this level of commitment to their audiences.

Unlike The Martian or Arrival, the UFOs are what you would expect and the claims the same. Yet, this film has an element of fun, thrills and something that makes it stand out. What that is is all down to how the audience views it as a think piece. There so, I am giving it...

3 Stars

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