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Good Morning Lovelies,

Directed by Bill Holderman, Book Club is the film that should have given its stars a page-turner of a script and story but fails to do so. Featuring Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen, Andy Garcia, Craig T Nelson and Diane Keaton, this raunchy story is the Fifty Shades for the over-60s, but not so much for others.

After years of reading the classic stories that society has deemed appropriate for them, the famous four discover the sexual story mentioned above. With the help of Christian Grey, they go looking for their inner minx’s in hopes to change not only what the public has made them appear like but also to discover new elements to their characters.

However, not all is as it seems, as the women are all battling their own issues. From unlucky in love emotions to the death of one of their husbands, the film tackles how they work to overcome such issues when it feels like they might not be able to.

The film is a great boundary pusher and shows that society doesn’t need to label or make the same scripts for these ladies anymore. They have always been able to deliver any kinds of story and Book Club allows them to show this.

However, taking on such a task also brings difficulties. It seems as though the story can’t stick with one of the stars long enough to give them any depth or emotion and at times you feel disconnected from them as a viewer. As you get used to seeing how the story of one character is going to end up, you are fired off somewhere else and into the mix of different emotions that make for a tangling tale.

Keaton, Bergen, Steenburgen and Fonda are four of the most powerful ladies on-screen and here they come together to give us some of the smuttiest and funniest moments. Yet, with such a complex script and storyline, they don’t get to fully explode and give off the same flames that they have done in other performances, such as Fonda’s great character in Grace and Frankie. Although, it is definitely safe to say that they do look like they are having fun playing these characters and what they are getting up to.

With script and narrative issues, Book Club doesn’t exactly read off the screen well but with a rebirth of characters and how different ages should be displayed, the film tests and wins at bringing us a new look at the film world.

There so, I am giving Book Club…

3 Stars

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Joey X 

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