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Before they became huge Hollywood stars, Matt Smith and Natalie Dormer appeared in the 2015 film, Patient Zero. Joined by Stanley Tucci, the trio set out to give audiences a horror film with a highly rated cast.

Yet, the story failed to entrap audiences and now it is finally coming out on home release. Giving their all’s in the roles, the film tells of a post-apocalyptic world which has been infected by a flesh eating bug. However, the creators want you to know that they are not zombies.

Smith and Dormer play two doctors, who work in an underground bunker, along with the military to try and find the perfect cure for the illness. Yet, nothing is as simple as it may seem and the film’s plot goes wild after the first 20 minutes.

A lot happens in a short amount of time and none of it works in the favour of the story. With a few creative ideas, including the introduction of a new type of monster. Ones of which who are very clever, working well. The film lacks a scare factor or a depth to it that other modern horrors have managed to achieve.

There is no context to the story. No real factual or fictional path to lead and so with a complete guessing game becoming the leading trope it, it feels like a feature that should have been made years ago, as audiences will fail to fall under its charms enough to make it a cult hit.

For a cast now so well-known around the world, the story let them down as they grew. Dormer and Smith lead the way I showing that they have the best skills and they try so hard to express this, but the film never lets up enough to let them.

There so, with a plot that lacks any fun or originality for the horror genre and a cast let down by a sloppy screenplay, the film has earned itself...

2 Stars

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