The Curse of La Llorana Is Going To Be The Horror Film of 2019 From This New Trailer


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Are you ready to get spooked this Thursday? Well, grab a pillow because this new film will knock your socks off with scares!

Created by the team behind features such as IT and Annabelle, The Curse of La Llorana, follows the weeping woman. An apparition who is stuck between Heaven and Hell, as she is tormented by the past that she created, after she drowned her children in a deadly rage whilst alive, before killing herself.

Those who know of her are left with the fear of hearing her death call in the night, as she creeps in the shadows and preys on young children, in an attempt to replace her own. A desire and yearning that grows as the years go on.

Due out in April next year lovelies, you are going to want to prepare for this film with this new trailer. It is definitely going to be a thrill ride…

And if that wasn’t enough lovelies, Warner Brothers UK have made sure that they are winning at Halloween this year, with a dedicated Facebook page for their spooky features. Check it out here: 

Will you be watching this lovelies? 

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