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Good Morning Lovelies,

Funmation are back, with not one, but two new anime series and both are standing out amongst the rest. Full of modern themes and original scripts, the characters will become firm favourites with anime fans before we know it.

Yuri!!! On Ice The Complete Series and Another World With My Smartphone, both take on different worlds but with the same message. Never give up on what you want to achieve. In Yuri!!! On Ice, the series sees Yuri Katsuki fight to get back on top of the skating game, after losing in the Grand Prix Final.

Whilst in Another World with My Smartphone, the series takes the classic novel series and tackles the world of death in a modern way, by giving the young boy who is tragically killed his smartphone whilst in a fantasy world. A place, unlike heaven or hell.

Very different from each other, but both pushing the boundaries. The two show audiences that by making something new, audiences will still view it. There is a need for fresh ideas and these anime series have that. In Another World, placing a phone in the hand of a young boy who has died so he can stay connected with the world is a clever ploy of showing how modern ideas affect every element of our time on and off the earth. We are always here, and we always will be with the presence of something so small. A similar idea is reflected in Yuri.

His hard work in this anime is what makes him so rememberable and gives audiences an animated figure to look up to. His overriding message to never give up is an important ideal and a clever play in storytelling.

Both series are going to bring Funmation to the top of many anime fans watch lists and for all the right reasons. Clever, original and full of powerful connective moments for audiences, once you’ve seen them, you won’t forget them.

Which is why I am giving them...

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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