Von Ryan's Express DVD Review


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I am going to start this review by stating that I have a huge soft spot for Frank Sinatra. I don’t know if it is those eyes, the amazing singing voice or the great way he held himself on screen, but he always manages to command what he does. You honestly can’t miss him.

So, with the re-release of Von Ryan’s Express on HMV exclusive Premium Collection Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download, as of today, I couldn’t wait to see what he was like in the film. And surprised I was!

Also starring Trevor Howard, the film follows US pilot Colonel Joseph Ryan (Sinatra) after his plane is shot down and he is placed into a German prisoner of war camp. Continuously thinking about his survival instead of how he is going to get out, he soon becomes the leader of those around him, due to his status in the war. Earning himself the nickname of Von Ryan. When those around him ask him to help them, by leading an escape plan, he finally takes control and sets out on fleeing the Nazis who are chasing him.

Full of special features, the new edition of the film, shows the classic war drama directed by Mark Robson, in a beautiful new way. Frank Sinatra is given a series of emotions that he plays out so different to what we have seen him do he should have won a number of awards for it. He compels and makes you want to see what he is going to do next. As does his co-star Trevor Howard. Yet, with Sinatra around, he does seem to drift off into the background at times because of this.

Whilst war films are always trying to teach us something, this feature makes for a new influence, even though it is now a cult classic. It shows audiences how a war film should be made. It shows that no matter who you pick to act, as long as they can take the heart of the character and run with it, they will shine. And Sinatra does this in such a profound way that it is hard to believe that he was in musicals and other genres to drama.

There so, I am giving the film…

4 Stars 

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Joey X 

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