The Changeling DVD Review


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Directed by Peter Medak, The Changeling (Not to be confused with the Angelina Jolie film), is one of the last horror films to make its way on to Blu-ray and DVD formats. Following a New York City composer, who moves to Seattle, the film captures his horrors as he is haunted by those claiming his new home.

Based on the events that writer Russell Hunter stated he experienced whilst staying in the Henry Treat Rogers mansion during the 60s, the film shows how the ghouls come out to play when a young man called John Russell decides to stay in the home. Haunting him right up until the end, it takes his partner Claire Norman to come in and make sure that all safe at the end. But it never truly is in the world of horror films.

The film is full of girl power, with Trish Van Devere leading the screenplay as Claire Norman, the woman who saves the day. Bringing the horror leading lady to life, Van Devere knows just what to do to make sure that she is the character that you remember at the end of the story and not John Russell, who becomes a ghost at times like those haunting him.

However, whilst the acting is memorable, the story lacks in depth and the only real gem of the film becomes the technology in it. For a film of its time, there is a lot of elements that are advanced and a pleasure to see, such as camera angles and CGI structures. Yet, with no real heart to the plot, they get lost in an overdramatic story.

There so, I am giving the film…

3 Stars

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Joey X 

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