Beast Of Burden DVD Review


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As many of you know I am not the biggest Harry Potter. When I was growing up I just couldn’t get into any of the books or films likes others, even though I have seen many of them. There so, when I capture Daniel Radcliffe and co in other footage, it is like witnessing them for the first time. Something I secretly delight in.

However, in his latest film, Beast of Burden, Daniel Radcliffe loses the magic and brings a darkness to his recent excellent film catalogue, with a flat performance that just never finds its feet on screen. With most of the action taking place in a single-engine plane, the film captures Radcliffe as Sean, a pilot who isolates himself away from the world his troubles.

Creating an intimate and a strong sense of claustrophobia for the audience, the story follows Sean, as he works on running cocaine across the US and Mexican border, to help an international drug cartel. However, what everyone is unaware of is that Sean is a member of the US Drug Enforcement Administration and everything he is doing is to help his sick wife.

Director Jesper Ganslandt uses the radio and mobile phone signals to introduce characters, whilst remaining the whole time on Radcliffe’s portrayal of a very conflicted man. Yet, in some ways why this is meant to be a clever move, it actually causes failure to take place. Radcliffe seems very out of place in this role and not in a good way. It, in fact, creates a strong sense that no one is really prepared for the film and what it is trying to show and Radcliffe is the only way that they can make it in any way watchable.

Plus, with the added score coming in or playing at the wrong times and the story going above and beyond it needs to, there is just a big feeling that the whole thing is a mess. And instead of wanting to watch the film, you find yourself wanting to fix it instead.

There so, I am giving this beast…

2 Stars

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Joey X 

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