Doom Asylum DVD Review


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If you are a fan of 80s slasher films, then you know that some are the best features in the world and others are ones that you put at the bottom of the pile and hope to never see again. From Jason to Freddie, the world of horror has embraced some of the biggest villains of all time. However, in Arrow Films, Doom Asylum, the cult classic getting a Blu-ray release, at last, the villain will be the least of your worries and not the only thing you will be remembering.

Starring Kristin Davis, in a role pre-Sex and the City, the film follows a group of teenagers, who end up looking around the grounds of an abandoned asylum. A place where a maniac has come to life after his girlfriend died in a tragic car accident. Using the tools left at the asylum, he begins his murder spree on the teens.

Full of more laughs than scares, the film is a hit more so for the way in which director Richard Friedman shows you how not to do it. It is a feature that reminds me of those ICT projects you had to do in school taken to a new level. There is a sense that no one in the film is doing their best to make sure people know there is nothing serious about this film, including the plot of it.

The whole feature lacks the levels that audience need nowadays for a horror film to be a success, but it does have that easy-watching horror film feel. If you can take everything with a pinch of salt, then it may bore you a little, however, I can assure you it will bring you some laughs.

There so, I am giving it…

2 ½ Stars

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