The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey DVD Review


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After his hit film, Vigil in 1984, director Vincent Ward took four years away from the big screen, before he brought out his next big hit. Now, as it makes its big return, The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey, which is out on DVD and Blu-ray will show a dark story with a lot of interest to audiences.

Set in 1348, Cumbria, the film captures the harsh realities of a place ripped apart by the Black Death. Especially that of the young boy Griffin, who though visions of what is going to happen believes he can save those around him. After getting a group of men to believe him, he manages to start his journey to hopefully build a more promising future.

Ward makes a film that is both modern and historical but never takes it too far. His world is cleverly put together and clean cut. He gets straight to the point of the story and this classic is now on the path to be a cult hit.

There is no denying the talents of the stars in the film and the power they convey could only be shown with the power of a good script. It is a masterpiece in fact in many ways. Of course, there are elements that do get lost on the audience – such as the mind-bending visions – but they don’t dampen the spirits of it.

All of which leads me to give it this…

4 Stars

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