Sleeping Dogs DVD Review


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Arrow Films are well known for bringing classic films back to life and they have done just that with their latest release, Sleeping Dogs. Starring Sam Neill, Warren Oates and Ian Mune, this New Zealand feature changed the way people viewed films from the country and pathed the way for many future filmmakers.

Playing a man, who escapes to a remote island after the breakdown of his marriage, Neill gives an epic performance, as his character battles an oil embargo that causes a civil war. Faced with getting involved, the film sees him working with the US army, who are also brought in.

Based on C.K Stead’s book, the film was the first role for Neill, which catapulted him into stardom and it is easy to see why. Presenting a man who can do comedy, drama and everything in-between, the film is the role of a lifetime for him. The film is a thriller on many levels and doesn’t try to hide from the fact that audiences are going to be placed within a very gritty thriller.

It is a feature that launched careers and it is easy to see why. New Zealand has produced many amazing films and the launch of this one as the first big feature for them made sure that they would always remain at the top amongst the big companies. Even if you only watch it once, you must to see why this is.

All of this is why I am giving it…

4 Stars

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Joey X 

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