The Easter Fun Doesn't Have To Stop Thanks To These Joe & Seph's Popcorn Flavours!


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Easter may sadly be over for another year, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t all still enjoying the delights it brought us! Especially all the leftover chocolate and food that we were given or brought (chocolate sales are a must!).

Continuing the party on their website and in stores is Joe & Seph’s, one of my favourite Popcorn companies, who make the most amazing flavours and sauces to bring that popping film snack to life. During the Easter period, the team brought to life a trip of treats that any chocolate lover would want in their home still.

Air-popped to perfection, the company produced gingerbread, trio of chocolate (white, milk and cookies & cream flavoured) and a Belgian chocolate and hazelnut flavoured delights and kindly sent them to me to try. In our house, Joe & Seph’s doesn’t normally last long. It is one of those treats were everyone has to have a bag and name it theirs otherwise all bets are off. This was definitely the case with these three. Having caught my eye straight away, I took the gingerbread, whilst my mum took claim of the trio and my dad headed for the nuttier one of the three (matches his personality aha!).

Sticking on a film last night, we got stuck in and passed the flavours around in the end, because we couldn’t describe the tastes. The gingerbread one was a true delight and my mum was quick to state that it reminded her of those old school moments when we would go to the special bakery in town and buy the little men/women after school. Perfect for Easter and are I say Christmas, it is like a grown-up version of those old days.

Whilst the chocolate flavours – both trio and Belgium chocolate and hazelnut – were an adult delight. Not ones to be shared, these would be perfect when filling up those plastic eggs to give the adults involved in the Easter egg hunt a bit of a change. Or if like us you want to keep them to yourself, then they are perfect to sit down and enjoy after a busy day. They were great flavours for Easter and in some cases, if I dare say it, they beat an egg, because you are getting two for one. Results all round!

Joe & Seph’s are a brand that is being seen more and more in cinemas and I am so glad about this. With the size of cinema popcorn going down, the costs haven’t changed and so it can feel like you aren’t getting a lot for your money. But with these popcorns, they feel worthy of spending that little bit extra. Actually, in some cases you save.

 These Easter treats are great for all year round and can be found on their website here: for you to enjoy whenever you feel like it lovelies. Plus, there are loads more options for you to choose from.

What was your ultimate Easter treat this year lovelies? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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