The Sense Of An Ending DVD Review


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Based on the best-selling book by Julian Barnes, The Sense of an Ending, is one of the best performances from Jim Broadbent in years. In fact, if the film had been brought out before the BAFTA nominations, then he would definitely have been on it.

Playing middle-aged Londoner Tony, Broadbent, allows us to see his character change as he receives a letter that makes him think about the actions he did during his 20s. During this time, he finds that everything he once thought he knew didn’t really happy. The moments, the memories and the fragments of life that he has built have all been something else.

The film's story takes audiences to another level of thinking when watching it. It questions everything that we think about. Are the thoughts we have real? The people we know? Is everything we believe a lie? It is a dip mental story that takes you into a terror and utter fear of not trusting your mind at all.

Broadbent’s character is at the front of the film, as it focuses more into the modern thoughts his character has rather than looking back. This does mean the younger version of Charlotte Rampling’s first girlfriend character, played by Freya Mavor, isn’t in it as much as you would have hoped. However, when she is on screen it makes a big impact. As does the way in which the story develops over time.

The film’s director Ritesh Batra and the scriptwriter Nick Payne, have captured the heart of the story and explored it well with both actors and this is shown in the vulnerability of every character. Each one has a heart. A mind that they don’t know what is really going on in it and a love for people that they fear destroying.

However, both characters are very different from each other. Probably because of all of the above. Tony is a very crude man at times, whilst Rampling seems to have a fragility about her. Someone who could break at any moment, as the truth comes out.

Although I haven’t read the book, the film does make you want to find out the differences as they take it from page to screen. After doing some research into this, it seems this adaptation is actually better than the book.

All of this rolled into one is there so why I have given the film...

4 Stars

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