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With the recent sad death of George A. Romero, The Transfiguration, captures some of his best work by influencing the characters love and the story as a whole. Created and marked as his debut feature, director Michael O’Shea, has made a film that marks a shift in cinema and looks back at classical features that made the horror genre what it is today.

Unlike recent vampire films, which have been a bit soppy and different to the norm, The Transfiguration tells the story of Milo, a young boy who is actually a vampire. And not one that sparkles as he works to try and break this image from his young friend’s mind and those around him.
From a disturbing scene in which he drains all the blood from his latest victim’s neck in a bathroom to trying to connect with those around him, the film is a coming of age story with a different. There is a young love story and a thrill throughout, as you learn of Milo’s backstory which is filled with bullying and his home life.

Influences from Romero, Katheryn Bigelow, John Carpenter and Wes Craven can all be seen in the film, as the director tries to bring back the horror genre to what many grew up with. Knocking the ‘Twilight’ years that took other our view of vampires, the film captures innocent characters changing to fit in with the struggles that come from being an evil force or knowing about them.

The difference in this film however is the mark in which the character of Milo plays on its audience and the way in which he is tempted by those around him. The romance between Milo and Sophia, is treated delicately like first love stories are but there is always this thrill that something it lurking around the corner.

It is this suspense that makes it so watchable and enjoyable to watch. Like Frankenstein’s monster, you know the darkness is coming but you are never quite sure when it is going to arrive. You need to know and that is why it is a modern winner.

There so I am giving it...

4 Stars

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