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Since the Twilight saga ended, Kristen Stewart has been showing audiences and fans a different side to her talents. In Olivier Assayas’ Personal Shopper, her talents could not be stronger, as she plays a young woman living in Paris who is haunted by the many ghosts she meets.

Using the art of technology and the modern use of social media, the film captures Stewart character, Maureen, who is a PA to the stars, as she travels around Europe. Along the way, she receives several messages through her phone. All of which with haunting elements or text within them, leaving the character scared about what the future holds for her, as they all seem to hint or show that someone is watching her.

The film is a clever mix of spiritualism and murder mystery. Assayas’ use of letting technology and the mind work together to solve a crime is done in a way that mixes old and new. Whilst the texts warn Maureen something is going to happen, the young woman uses her talents to connect to the other side to find out the truth behind them. It is like The Ring mixed with Ghost in some ways.

There is an unnerving side to the film through this mix that works because of this. The fade to black sequences, at the end of pivotal scenes, give you that something is about to happen feeling. It doesn’t and it leaves a fear within that something will. The reaching out to Maureen’s dead brother Lewis scenes provides audiences with solid knowledge of how to is connected to the spiritual world. Plus, the use of celebrities as a bridge to highlight the difference between reality and fame.

Stewart’s Maureen in captures all of this on screen, with Stewart providing us with an innocent character who is trapped in-between worlds. Stewart has never been so good and this film proves her power to lead any film. In fact, many of the cast shine in this including Stewarts cast members Nora von Waldstätten, Sigrid Bouaziz and Ty Olwin.

Lars Eidinger’s Ingo character is the only one who lacks anything, as his character isn’t really explored even though he is key to the plot coming to a close. This is probably due to the camera’s love of capturing Stewart’s character. Often, she is seen alone or escaping into her own mind, which does lead to some characters losing their moments to tell their stories. However, it does work well for the overall look of Maureen.

It is easy to see why Assayas’ won the Best Director award at Cannes Film Festival last year. Blending worlds and characters emotions to give a gripping thriller is hard to do these days and he has done it splendidly for audiences.

There so I am giving Personal Shopper…

4 Stars

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