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When portraying a real life person's story on screen, there has to be a lot of care taken as to how it is explored. In Terence Davies’ latest film, A Quiet Passion, starring Cynthia Nixon and Jennifer Ehle, the director gets it just right in telling the real story of the late poet Emily Dickinson.

Taking us back to the start, the film captures Dickinson’s youth, before moving onto her later life quickly to show the struggles in which the poet faced. As soon as the film begins, you know this is going to be a powerful portrayal and the film makes you think automatically about what Dickinson was thinking about as she wrote.

Unlike other films, the use of Nixon and Emma Bell, as the younger Dickinson shows that CGI is not needed as much as some films suggest. The film is a game changer for both, as Nixon breaks away from her Sex and the City counterpart to bring to life this larger than life character. A poet who deserves to have her words heard even more so after this film.

For a period film, there is a great amount of comedy as well as drama to help audiences get relief when times get too much. The script is actually one of the strongest in recent years for period dramas and that is due to the sense that this has been made to do one thing. To tell the story of the author and not glamourize it too much.

The introverted character could have been one that was over dramatised, but not in this case. Davies has made sure people know what level the character is on and this makes the film a lot more entertaining. However, there are a few times that when you see Dickinson in her home that the film does slow down a little bit.

Although this does nothing to stop the film being an enjoyment and there so I am giving it...

4 Stars

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