Anti Matter Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

A few weeks ago I was sent an amazing email from the producer of Anti Matter asking me if I would like to review her team’s new film. And as a huge supporter of upcoming filmmakers, I was quick to say yes!

Telling the story of an Oxford PhD student called Ana, the film captures her as she finds herself struggling when an experiment goes wrong. Unable to make any new memories, the film sees her discovering the horrors of life beyond what she knows through clever special effects. None of which that are done with CGI.

The film is in many ways a bit of a mind-fuck, to put it nicely. It is one that has been made to make you think what would happen to you if you were in her place. The clever theme of taking the story and the look back to basics works incredibly well for a story like this.

It highlights how the sci-fi thriller genre can still work without having to go to over the top. At a time when Get Out, which is very focused on plot and actor, much like this, it is a great representation of director Keir Burrows determination and eye for detail.

Described as being like ‘Alice in Wonderland’, it is very easy to see why people think this. But instead of just Alice falling down the whole, the characters in this film make you fall down with them. Whilst it may not have a big budget, it does have a big power in making audiences want to watch it.

There so I am giving it...

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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