Dirty Dancing 30th Anniversary DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

30 years on, Dirty Dancing still manages to be named as one of the best films of all time. And rightfully so! Growing up my mum never hid me from any films. Okay maybe a few. But it is something I am so thankful for.

Many nights we would spend curled up watching the classics she loved and Dirty Dancing was top of the list.  It was the film that gave me my first film crush in the form of Patrick Swayze as Johnny and the first time I saw true love on screen.

Now with a brand new edition of the film out on DVD and Blu-Ray to celebrate the anniversary of the film, I thought I would do a different kind of review and sum up my top five favourite moments from the film.

Let’s start with this one...

1. The First Time We Meet Johnny: The first time we meet Johnny still makes me go all silly. I instantly fall under the charms of his bad boy ways and the way he takes his glasses off will always make me smile. Sorry I think I am getting a bit distracted.

2. The First Dance: I think everyone gets butterflies in their stomach when they see Baby and Johnny dancing for the first time on screen. You instantly know how the story is going to go and it is the first flicker of the epic romance to come.

3. The Car/Rain Scene: When I was little I use to love the way Johnny smashed the car window and took off in the car and I still do. I think it is the moment that these two finally realise that what they have means a lot more than they thought.

4. Water Jump Scene: Recreated by many couples on holidays, this is the moment we all try to do because it is not only a great cinematic moment, but is a comical one to. I do wonder though, how does Baby explain how wet she is with her parents when she doesn’t want them to know about Johnny?

5. Final Dance: Of course this is the best moment out of the whole film. Ask anyone in the world and they would love to be able to do this. However, don’t try it at a wedding because it may not end how you wanted your first dance to look.

What are you favourite moments from Dirty Dancing? And how will you be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the film? Let me know!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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