Paranoid Series One DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Crime dramas are huge at the moment! From Scott and Bailey to The Fall, they have taken over every TV screen and definitely for the better. A recent hit was the show Paranoid, which started on ITV later this year.

Following a group of detectives in the town of Woodmere, the show captures as they try to solve the case of a doctor who is murdered in the middle of the day at a children’s play area. However, as they continue their investigation, the show becomes a dark tale of cat and mouse, which continues to lead them down a dark and dangerous path.

Starring the incredible Lesley Sharp, who is well known for her role in Scott and Bailey, the show allows her to explore a different genre of crime and thriller. The new cases appear fresh and she is no longer the threatening figure we know her to be.

With a great cast starring alongside her including Robert Glenister and Indira Varma, the show goes from strength to strength as it becomes a great capture in the moment piece.

There so there is nothing to be paranoid about when watching it because the show deserves this very high…

4 Stars

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