Let's Be Evil DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Directed by Martin Owen and stars Kara Tointon, Isabelle Allen, Jamie Bernadette, and Elizabeth Morris, the film Let’s Be Evil, is sci-fi thriller based in Los Angeles, which looks at the threats that mobile phones could be causing young children using them.

Going inside the minds of the children in the film, the feature focuses on the radiation from the phones and how they are causing problems for future generations. When the main characters are faced with lower school grades, even more, dangerous situations in the world and children who are not as interested in learning more, they decide to change it.

Creating Augmented Reality Glasses, the government trials them to see if they can raise the IQ levels of those using them. However, like the mobiles, the effects the electromagnetism has on the children causes, even more, problems.

As the world continues to become obsessed with mobiles, the film is a threatening message that children should be going out and enjoying the world instead of the screen. It is a clever feature at highlighting how technology could be affecting the modern child, but with thrilling and very scary consequences.

The shocking film that will continue, as more audiences view it, to horrify many at what the film suggests that there needs to be a change. Both for those on screen and those in real life. Otherwise, there could be evil consequences.

However, there is nothing evil about this review…

4 Stars

Let’s Be Evil is out now on DVD lovelies!

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