The Childhood of a Leader DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Robert Pattinson has starred in many different films since he left the character of Edward Cullen behind and as his latest film, The Childhood of a Leader, is released on DVD, I thought I would delve into the world of his latest one.

Directed by Brady Corbet, this debut is a family drama that sets itself apart from other period pieces, as it tackles the world of fascism. With cleverly placed together montages and aspects of reality intertwined with the film’s world, there is something about the young boy who is left in the dark by his family that tugs at your heart strings.

And then turns and scares the living day lights out of you.  He is a child you would not want to meet let’s just say lovelies.

There is a great quality to the film though that makes it stand out is the score. With the eerie atmosphere created from it, the world that the film is based in becomes a dark and devastating world that you are not sure as an audience member how it can be fixed.

The acting is superb in this film and there is something about the way in which they all connect that makes the audience sit on the edge of their chair. You don’t know what to expect and you don’t know how they are going to react to what is happening on screen.

It makes for awkward, frightening but also great viewing as an audience member. And there so I am giving the film...

4 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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