The Hired Hand DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

As many of you may know by now I was brought up in a home where cowboy films were a must watch. In fact, we have watched so many growing up that me and my brothers now can’t really stand them, which I know is bad, but you have to blame our dad.

However, over the weekend I sat down to watch the classic western film, The Hired Hand, as it is released on DVD and Blu-Ray for the first time ever. The film follows a man called Harry, who leaves behind his wife and child to help his friend Archie.

Although when it doesn’t go to plan he has to work to come home to them and to get their forgiveness, as he tries to make his daughter see him as the father he feels he can be to her.

Starring Warren Oates and Peter Fonda, the film is a different take on the genre. It is a lot more personal and less about the fighting that happens. It is a film about family and what they can cause us to do and what they mean for us.

Directed by Roger Corman and scripted by Alan Sharp, the film in a one of a kind seventies Western that has gone down in history. Without this take on the genre, many other Western films would not be able to take on the family feel that they now can.

And that is why I am giving it...

4 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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