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If you ask me anything about chess I am willing to admit that I don’t know much about it. I can play the odd game, but by no means am I an expert. However, this year a great film called Magnus will be released on the 25th November and the game has changed.

Directed by Benjamin Ree, the film follows a young boy called Magnus Carlsen, as he goes from bullied teen to world chess champion at just 13 years old. It sees his family speak of the pride they had for him and the problems that Magnus overcame to get the title he deserved.

There is a continuous feeling of happiness inside as you see the young boy overcome his bullies, the people who told him he couldn’t do it to win the ultimate title. Documentaries do something that make us all feel something inside and this one shows us that determination is key.

The film has already gone on to win a number of awards this year, including Best Documentary at the Moscow International Film Festival and Best Film at the Norwegian International Film Festival, but the real winner is the feeling that you get when the film ends.

With so much focus on chess this year in film, it really is making a stand and this film is one of the best with this...

4 Stars

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