Use My Cupcake Toppers This Christmas To Make The Ultimate Festive Film And TV Treat!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

After the exciting launch of the Christmas Gift Guide yesterday, I have spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and chilling with my family. Whenever they come to visit I don’t know what happens but I turn into a contestant from the Great British Bake Off and take over the kitchen making sweet treats. 

This time though it was a little different, as I had some sweet toppings to add to the cakes I made. Over the past week, I have been working with the company, My Cupcake Toppers, selecting a few of their film and TV items, plus a number of their Christmas selection to review them. 

If you follow me on social media, then you know that I can make and ice a cake, but I am not the most creative, so to have these sweet treats arrive quickly, bigger than I expected and with great already made designs was a huge relief when it came to making the items. You can make your own designs lovelies and the company were kind enough to add a few samples to highlight the cool things you can do, however, I was impressed with the selection that they had on their website and chose from them. 

After selecting a few of my favourites including Beauty and the Beast (a very topical film at the moment), Inside Out and a Christmas theme that made my heart want to explode with joy, I went with a few family favourites in the form of Paw Patrol, Breaking Bad and The Lego Movie. 

With the family coming this weekend I was hoping that they would arrive in time for them to enjoy them too and I was so impressed with the two-day delivery for £1.15 on the website lovelies. At £1.70 for one packet, you can’t go wrong with the cost when I know some shops charge a lot more than this for the items. 

Once I had found my perfect recipe, I got baking and prepared 12 cakes to showcase one of each of the designs. I didn’t want to use them all because I thought that the amount I had would be too many and I could use them for other occasions if sealed correctly because they were so impressive. However, after receiving them, seeing the great design and the little waiting time for them I would be happy to order them again. 

I also spent time whilst making the cakes making my own vanilla frosting. This meant that the rice paper has something tasty to stick to, as I used this icing to cover the cake to get a smooth finish on each one. It really made the designs pop I have to say lovelies. 

Once they were in place, which was a really quick process lovelies, and I had taken the pictures for this post, I told my family to get stuck in. My nephew Leo is quite the Paw Patrol fan, so as you can imagine he loved it. I think I won major Auntie points for this. 

Overall I was really really impressed with the overall products and the designs. I already know that I will be using the website again and maybe I might even make my own creations next time (It definitely won’t have Ryan Gosling on them! Of course not!). The order was fast, ready to use and with such lovely staff willing to help at every step you really get the most for your money. My Cupcake Toppers have really made themselves a top company this Christmas when it comes to designing the ultimate cake topper lovelies. Office party woes be gone! 

To celebrate their great items lovelies, I have a very exciting discount code for you to use on your first order to get 10% lovelies. Just use LETSSTART10 at to get the ultimate cake topper. 

I always like to end on a question, so I want to know if you could design any film or TV cake topper, what would it be? And why? Let me know in the comments below or on the blog’s social media pages. 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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