The Cereals I Simply Can’t Live Without!


Hey Lovelies, 

Every morning, I like to start my day with a good old bowl of cereal! Topped with honey or jam and fresh fruit, before adding a splash of milk and popping into the microwave to warm up, I simply adore the stuff. 

Both me and my brother John have been like this since we were young! Whilst I don’t think he likes warm milk, we both have cereal every day and agree a lot on the best ones. From supermarket own ones to big brands, we will try a lot of them and then discuss. 

For a long time, I was scared of cereals, but thankfully with his help, I have been able to enjoy them again, instead of just sticking with Weetabix. Don’t get me wrong, I love them to, however, there is so much choice out there to embrace. 

There so, I wanted to share my favourite cereals that are always in my cupboard. Especially if my brother comes to visit…

Chocolate Hoops: Weetos may be good, but the Aldi ones are better! There I said it! Topped with strawberry jam, heated in the microwave with milk and popping a straw into it afterwards, you get a fruity hot chocolate on top of the hoops. Plus, they are so much cheaper than the big brand and healthier! Winner, winner, chocolate hoops for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

Golden Nuggets: This is a childhood classic in our house! When my brother comes to stay he loves to share a bowl alongside me of them. These and Cookie Crisp, plus the previously mentioned hoops, were what made our mornings as kids. It makes me so happy to share the memories when eating this again with him.

Rice Krispies: Currently my favourite cereal to have, I love the supermarket own brand ones more than the branded ones. Having tried Aldi and Asda’s, I find them both super light, which is great for my IBS. Topped with honey, covered in warm milk, they are simply snap, crackle and pop amazing! 

Cornflakes: Whether branded or not, I love warm cornflakes. I was scared of these for so long, yet a holiday away, where they were the only cereal available, made me fall in love with them again. In fact, they have become a bit of a breakfast staple on recent trips if I think about it. 

Special Red Berry Flakes: Super fruity and great tasting, I don’t have these that much, but they always go well with honey. I love the sweet taste of the berries, especially in the Tesco’s version of these. 

Shreddies: When we were growing up we would always have these around. The old advert with the grannies made me want them and since then they have never left. Shreddies are simply fab with warm milk on a cold day. 

There are a few others we always have and I haven’t mentioned our love of porridge either, although we always have oats in, as I wanted this to be about the cereals our cupboard is full of lovelies. It may be odd to do a post like this, but I’m a little odd bod aha! 

What cereal do you like to eat in the morning lovelies?

Joey X

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