The Big Christmas Press Show 2023: Find Out What Happened!


Hey Lovelies, 

Christmas is my favourite time of the year! I love everything about it! When the big day ends, I start planning for the next one! So, when I was kindly offered the chance to return to the Big Christmas Press Show again this year, I couldn’t help myself. 

Held at the Business Design Centre in London, the event is the biggest one in the UK when it comes to Christmas. PRs and brands from all over come along to share with journalists and influencers the items that they think will be huge this year. And boy was there some amazing items! 

Stepping into the winter wonderland, we were instantly welcomed by the amazing CIJ Group, who are always lovely. Giving us our passes, which would be scanned all day, they helped us start our journey with maps and refreshments. Plus, they told us about the amazing Secret Spa that was on hand to give us a few treatments. 

Heading into the main area, I didn’t know where to start. The Christmas lover in me was fit to burst. With Disney’s new card game, Disney Lorcana, hosting a big area, we headed there first. Delving into the game, I am now obsessed and will be asking Santa for a big batch of cards this year. Along with a whole host of Disney goodies. 

Moving on, the room was filled with every item imaginable. From toys by the likes of Golden Bear and Gel Blaster to beauty items  from Mad Beauty and Nicky Clarke, the Christmas features this year are going to be amazing. However, if you are a big kid, like me, it is the toys that are the real winners! 

Bluey was on hand to make sure that we knew what to look out. You all know how I feel about Bluey! I ran into the big blue dogs arms last year and I am not afraid to say I did the same again this year. I also got madly excited by the new feature from Sesame Street, who made my childhood when I was little. Honestly, my mum would have to put them on to even be able to brush my hair. 

After a while, my mum, who came along with me, started to feel a little hungry. There was plenty of samples on hand to try, but the main catering came from the brilliant Berry & Brie, who were also at the event last year. Grazing boxes to hand, my mum tucked into hers at the event, before enjoying mine for dinner that night. She also delighted in the many wines and drinks on hand, especially her coffee from Ravensburger. 

It wasn’t all just games, food and drinks though lovelies! There were many house and beauty items on hand too. I adored looking at the gorgeous gifts that Baylis and Harding have coming out soon, whilst Dobbies are going to make our festive gardens light up beautifully. Russell Hobbs are set to be the heroes we all need in the kitchen and Kodak will help us all ensure we capture those special memories perfectly. 

Just as we were leaving, we had an amazing experience, as my mum got to meet her idols. Ladbaby and Ladbabymum were at the event, wearing the most amazing outfits. I decided to approach them to thank them for making my mum so happy and they were honestly the most lovely, natural and down to earth people. I even got emotional meeting them! 

Hopefully in the next few weeks, I will be able to share more details about the event and the brands that we saw in individual posts. There was so much good Christmas content that I am now buzzing with ideas. Ones to help you gift, play and eat all day! 

I want to say a massive thank you to the brilliant CIJ Group, who helped me and my mum have a much needed special day. We are both feeling so incredibly festive and excited for the big event now. Everyone is always so amazing and this year they didn’t disappoint again. A massive massive thank you! 

Look out for more news soon lovelies! 

Joey X

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