Peperami’s Got Pizza Buns Now Huns!


Hey Lovelies,

Growing up there was always a fight in our house for the Peperami’s! My dad would always say we couldn’t have them because they were his. It got so bad that we all had to have individual packs at one point. 

However, having since given up eating meat, I’ve become someone who can control myself around them. Yet, my family can’t still! With so many flavours now around and different varieties, the fighting has in fact got a lot worse. 

No longer do the plain ones do it for them. Oh no! We now have a fridge full of Peperami Hot and Peperami Firestick too! Yet, it wasn’t these that caused the biggest stir in our home recently.

Fresh off the shelves, the Peperami team have made something of a legend in our home. Out now in supermarkets everywhere, the Pizza Buns is a new snack based pastry filled with pizza sauce, Peperami and cheese. A calzone on the go in many ways. 

Kindly, I was sent one to try and so I put my mother tester to the challenge. I didn’t tell her what was in the pastry or who had made it, as she is actually the only one out of us all who never really liked Peperami’s, to make sure she had the ultimate unbiased try. 

Upon the first warmed up bite, the sauce and cheese oozed out, giving her the full force of flavours. Biting down into the Peperami slices, she started to tell me how lovely it truly was and that she would definitely have another one. To say she was shocked when I told her where the meat came from was an understatement. 

Since trying them, she has told many others about them. Even looking for them in supermarkets and purchasing them again. Pizza Buns were a safe winner it seems that are now here to stay. I know for a fact that when my brother Gio gets his hands on one he is going to love it as well. 

Perfect for when on the go or in a lunchbox, Peperami have made a safe filling snack that will go down well at any time. Especially if there is a few Peperami sticks to go with it too! 

Have you tried the Pizza Buns lovelies? What did you think? Let me know! 

Joey X

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