Munchy Seeds Have Made the Ultimate Lunchbox Snack


Hey Lovelies, 

It must be so hard to make sure that your children and yourselves are getting the right finds for your lunchboxes. When I was younger, I can remember classic sandwiches and wraps, with the essential packet of crisps, a Cheesestring and a Square bar. Something that was always a treat on my birthday, as I got one of the caramel flavoured ones. 

However, with schools having more rules now about what can and can’t be in them, it’s hard to know what to buy. Yet, thankfully, Munchy Seeds have created the ultimate snack packs

Made up of pumpkin, sunflower and a blend of seeds mixes, these little handy roasted packets can slot into any lunchbox at any time. Plus, with different flavours on hand, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Kindly, the team gave me a snack pack bundle to try and instantly I knew what I needed to do. Grabbing my neighbour and her children, we did a trial run to see how the seeds went down in their lunchboxes on a day trip out. 

Instantly picking a flavour each, the salted caramel, warm cinnamon and honey roasted were the first to go, with my neighbour slotting the mild chilli pack in her own bag. There was also an omega mix, yet we decided to keep that one for her partner to use in his overnight oats. 

Heading out the door, the boys couldn’t wait until lunchtime to try the seeds. Upon opening their bags, they went for them straight away. With the warm cinnamon being the biggest crowd pleaser of the lot. 

My neighbour was shocked to see how well they went down with the boys. At just £5 for five packets, she stated that she would definitely be looking to add them into their lunches at school, as well as to her own bag when she is on the go. 

The boys had so much energy after eating them and she was happy with how healthy they were. Her husband even enjoyed the omega mix on his oats stating that they gave it a new flavour. 

Overall, Munchy Seeds have made a product that will go down well with any family of seed lovers. In fact it will go down well with all! At an affordable price, they are a true delight and one that is convenient, enjoyable and different. Head to their website to find out more lovelies! I already know my neighbour has aha! 

Joey X

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