Well.Actually and Bio-Kult Keep This Good Wellbeing Vibes Going With Their Latest Ranges


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Even though many of the things we do to better our health and wellbeing in January are now meant to be over, such as Veganary and Dry January, there is nothing actually stopping us all from carrying them on, if they make us feel better. However, the most important thing to remember is that you have to do what is best for you. No one else can make these decisions. It is up to you and how your happiness is. 

For me, one of the most important things I do to stay well is to take daily vitamins. I have to take a multivitamin, to help make sure that I am giving my body the minerals it needs, which my illness sadly causes me to neglect. I also like to have a daily probiotic, to help my stomach, which is often bloated and tight, with the introduction of new foods or unusual foods. 

Thankfully, there are so many brands available, meaning if one doesn’t work then another can be tried. Over the past few years, I have tested a number of them, from expensive to affordable. Often it is the affordable ones that I find the best. However, I am willing to put my health to the test to find even better. Something I have done for this post lovelies. 

Kindly, the teams at Well.Actually and Bio-Kult gifted me a number of supplements to try. Each in different forms. From sprays to liquids, there was a way everyone could enjoy the nutrients within them. Starting with Bio-Kult, I was given a number of tablets to try from their Everyday box

With 14 different strains of probiotics, all gut friendly, the tablets are advised to be had with food, either whole or sprinkled over your chosen dish. I decided to have them whole. Leaving my normal probiotic behind for the test, I was surprised at how light they were on my stomach compared to the others. I felt less bloated in many ways, which at only £10.50 for a month’s supply, I would happily live with and pay for for the rest of my life. Plus, they can also be taken with antibiotics and survive the strains that kill off the good bacteria. 

After a successful first supplement, I moved onto the Well.Actually brand. This company sent me both sprays and liquids to try. Focusing on Vitamin D3, the company brings the sunshine in, by also mashing the vitamins in with others. In the liquid bottles, I was given Vitamin D3 and C to try. Diluted in a small glass of water, you would easily think that you were drinking a glass of squash and not one of goodness. It had a really fruity and vibrant taste, which I was really surprised and happy to find. However, whatever you do, don’t mix with hot drinks, as this can kill off the nutrients. 

If you aren’t so happy with the idea of a liquid vitamin drink, then the team also produces sprays. I had never used a spray vitamin before this, but I will definitely be looking into using them more in the future. Tasting of peppermint, the Liposomal Vitamin D3 and K2 spray, is squirted onto the inside of your cheek and held for a few seconds before being swallowed. Then it flows through your insides to give you what you need. I was worried at first I hadn’t done it right, but could soon feel the benefits coming through. Prices start at £19.99 for both products, which I know is a little expensive, but they do last a hell of a long time. 

Overall, I was really impressed with all of the items I tried. I have learnt of new products that made my body feel better and tried formulas I have never done before. Both have led me into a new world of goodness that I will definitely be keeping up! 

Joey X

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