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Good Morning Lovelies,

Are you all feeling a little sad now that the most love filled day of the year is over? Well, have no fears! You don’t have to be, as Great! Romance is bringing us unlimited amounts of romantic films to enjoy throughout the year! Just like the bring us endless films at Christmas! 

And to celebrate, I spoke to one of the stars of some of their biggest films, including the In The Vineyard series and A Dash of Love, Brendan Penny. Explaining how he likes to spend Valentine’s Day and the importance of a good romantic film, he was really lovely to speak to and I hope you all enjoy…

Firstly, thank you so much for speaking to me! GREAT! romance has seen a huge surge in viewers. What do you think makes romance films so appealing?

It is my pleasure! I think that romance films are so appealing because it is something that everyone can relate to. As human beings, we are always on the search for love and connection, so it is a universal subject to get drawn in to. Due to that, we all root for the couple to have a happy ending, as we hope for that ourselves.


When reading a romance script, what are the key things you look out for before going for a role or taking a part?

When reading a romance script, I tend to look for room for comedic moments. I believe that it makes the ability for the audience to fall in love with the couple, and the journey a lot easier. The lighter you can play the scenes, the more fun is created and I believe that is was makes the audience want to come along for the ride.


GREAT! romance will be airing loads of fantastic films including A Dash of Love and the In The Vineyard series. If you had to pick your favourite from the above, which would it be and why?

If I had to choose between A Dash of Love and the Vineyard series, I would most likely choose the Vineyard series. Due to the arc of the movies, I believe it would have more room for more story to be told. Also, the locations where we filmed were absolutely beautiful.


After starring in many great romance movies, what tips would you give to people who are looking to find love this Valentine’s Day?

The only tips I would give to anyone looking to find love this Valentine’s Day would be to love yourself, be caring and open, and enjoy the person you are with.


Finally, what would be your perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day?

The perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day would be to spend all day with my kids and wife surfing at a beach, and then make a special dinner for my wife and enjoy some excellent wine watching the sun go down.

Great! Romance is available on Freeview 52, Freesat 303, Sky 319 and Virgin 424, so continue to spread and feel the love throughout the year by checking out one of their great features! 

Joey X

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