Happiness! That's The Real Meaning of Life!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Recently, I told you all about when I was out shopping and a woman, who we speak to quite often mentioned my weight. Something that my anorexia hated. In fact, something I, as a person, hated. Not only because it upset me, but for the way she so casually mentioned it to me. Like it was a normal thing to bring up. 

Never would I comment on a person's weight. I will hold up my hands and say that I have in the past. Not in an evil or horrible way, just as a flying comment, but now,knowing how harmful that can be, I have made it a vow to stop. I made this vow years ago and have stuck to it. Because I and no one has the right to say anything about a person’s weight. I don’t even think doctors should. 

Back in the olden days, no one spoke about their weight. It wasn’t a thing. It may have been discussed, but no to the extent it is today. Okay, health and wellness knowledge has advanced, yet, not always for the better. I think a person should be celebrated for who they are no matter what. 

It should be the mind they have. Their creativity. The knowledge and skills they possess. The family they are part of. Their smiles. The love they share with others. Not a number on a fucking scale. An evil object that didn’t exist many moons ago. When this woman said to me the comment she made, she even asked if it was the wrong thing to say. Yes, yes it was!

Living with this illness is a daily struggle as it is. I have made it a thing in my family that I don’t want weight discussed around me. I don’t want to see a scale. I don’t want to hear about diets or regimes. I just want to hear about everyday life. What soaps are they watching? How is Carol doing at work? Have they got any holiday plans? Started shopping for Christmas yet? Life matters, not weights, scales and other opinions. 

The reason I have written this post lovelies is to remind us all that a person is someone with feelings, no matter who they are. Feelings which mean something to them. So, always be kind. Always share a smile and not a harmful comment. Be good. Because when all is said and done, they are the things we should be remembered for. Spreading happiness!

Joey X

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