Quinola Is Changing The Game With Their Products in 2023


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Even though I have tried quinoa in the past, it has fallen off my radar in recent years, due to personal reasons. However, as I try to accept new foods back into my diet, I was interested in finding out about ways I can bring it back into my diet. Especially, when it is said to be a perfect energy source for all, including diabetics and athletes. 

Kindly, the team at Quinola, a prepared quinoa source, who have been making the perfect dishes for a long time now for all the family, offered to send me their starter pack. And it was a huge delight. 

Filled with one pack of White Quinoa, Spicy Mexican Express Quinoa, Whole Grain Express Quinoa, Kids Mediterranean Quinoa, Quinoa Flakes and Quinoa Crackers, there were many ways I could bring quinoa back into my life. From porridge to a side dish, me and my mum could instantly start coming up with ideas that would blend the items into our meals. 

My mum was the first one to try the quinoa in a meal. Taking the crackers, she had them over a lunch period with some cheese. Soft and light, she felt like they were a completely different way to enjoy foods over this period. Plus, they were easy to pack to take with her on the move. With a new interest, she then decided to move onto adding in the whole grain express pack with a curry one night. 

Different from rice, she stated that she felt fuller for longer and was able to enjoy the nutty taste with the chicken a lot. It made her dish come to life, she stated and she would happily add it to the meal again in the future. If she had some dry quinoa, she even said it would be great to fluff up a meal made in a slow cooker.

With no kids in our house, we asked our neighbours to try the child's meal, with their young boys. Add alongside some chicken goujons, she said that they loved it and it helped her make a nutritious meal in no time at all. When asked if they would have the quinoa again, they agreed, which she was surprised by, as they are normally quite picky. 

Keeping the flakes for myself, I haven’t gotten round to having them yet, but I will let you know when I do. However, my mum has made plans this week to have the spicy mexican pack in a fajita style wrap. She will be mixing it in with some mince and spices to elevate the flavours and is very excited to do so. If it goes well, she has said she will use the white pack to make an even more original dish. 

Overall, we were really happy with the outcome and will definitely be looking out for Quinola and their products in the future! They were super easy to use, lovely to eat and made a quick but nutritious change to our diets. Keep an eye out for them in supermarkets now lovelies!

Joey X

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