Five Ways To Heal Yourself At Home Without Taking A Pill!


After a few very sick filled weeks, I am finally feeling a lot better. Thankfully, I have been able to help soothe the aches and pains without having to take much medicine. They are things I wanted to share with you, however, please do remember a doctor’s advice is always best. However, if you want some quick tips, I hope these can help!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Since April, it seems like I haven’t stopped being ill! Nothing too serious but very annoying! From mouth problems to an injured thigh, it has been a painful few weeks. Especially as someone who doesn’t like taking too much medicine. There so, I have found some great ways to help yourself without having to take a paracetamol at all! 

Of course, if you need to then I am not judging. If it makes you better than please do take it. Follow your doctors or pharmacists guidance. They are the best ones! These are just some other ways that may be able to help you lovelies…

Buy A Migraine Cap: I was kindly gifted mine, however, I haven’t stopped using it since. At first, I used it as a bit of a cooling eye mask to help me sleep. However, when my hay fever flared up, this really helped stop a migraine from being brought on. My mum says that they have also stopped her having to take anything for a headache. 

Dragon Balm Patches For The Win: After a run in with a trolley, my leg was so incredibly painful. Looking in our medicine drawer, I could see the pills that would help, however, I didn’t want to take them. Luckily, my mum had a dragon balm patch, which saved the day. Only using two over the matter of a few days, they helped relieve the pain and brought out the bruises. For a really affordable price, I would recommend these to anyone. 

Get A Bit Of Fresh Air: The cheapest way to feel better is to get some fresh air. A little walk. Breakfast in the sunshine. Even a late night perch in the garden. A bit of fresh can work wonders at clearing the mind. I find my daily little walks help to soothe my anxiety and allow me to think more clearly when I am in a state of panicking. 

Mouthwash Magic: Recently, I had a case of oral thrush, which was caused by a bad medicine diagnosis. It made everything taste horrific. Luckily, the pharmacists I asked really helped me. Suggesting I used a strong, diluted mouthwash and a metal tongue scraper, the thrush cleared up straight away. It was better than any medicine that I was prescribed. 

Aloe Vera Is The Don: My mum has gone through a recent stage of wanting to do over everything in our house. When painting our dining room, I was faced with a severe case of hives, due to an allergic reaction. After speaking to the NHS 111 nurses, they suggested I try an antihistamine or aloe vera. Not wanting to really take the pills, I tried the aloe vera, something that is now a firm statement in my beauty box. Soothing and healing, this simple gel stopped the itching and lumps. It was a real godsend to me! 

There are so many ways that you can help yourself and your body. For me, it was a real eye opener when my leg got hurt. I found that you have to wait around six weeks to see a doctor according to the NHS information online. It was great to be able to find a solution that worked quickly. Do what you think is best for your body lovelies. As much as I encourage you to go to the doctors or dentists, somethings are best being solved at home if they can be too. I hope that my little tips can help you all too!

Joey X

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