Three New Books From Bonnier Books You Need To Read!


Books, books, books, I bloody love them! No matter what themes, topics or stories they are telling, I can’t wait to lose myself in them! So, when Bonnier Books kindly offered me the chance to read three of their latest releases of course I said yes! Find out what books you should cosy up with this weekend to ease into next week well!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Upstairs in our house, there are two bookcases, which house all my books. There used to be three, however, I decided to donate some of them to my local charity shop and supermarket library. Books to me are one of my biggest loves in the world, which is why my selection at Hertford Library is so special to me. 

My love of books seems to have been seen by many, as I was kindly offered the chance to review three new releases by Bonnier Books, who have some fantastic releases out and coming up. Hopefully, I will have more to tell you about soon, for now though, I have these great reads that you need to pick up this summer…

Kilt Trip by Alexandra Kiley: I love a good romance and this one had me wanting to go back to Scotland ASAP. Honestly, this book has made me rethink that Irish men are the best. In this novel, a travel agent is sent to Scotland to try and rescue a failing company. However, she is soon facing herself in a tension filled battle with a local Scotsman, who doesn’t want his country being tarnished. Full of allure, romance and fun, this is a perfect book to spend reading by the side of the poo. Or cosied up in the garden watching the sunset. It would be even more perfect if read in a Scottish pub, with a glass of whiskey and a blazing fire. Okay, I’m booking that trip!

This Is My Sea: My Exploration of Grief and Recovery by Miriam Mulcahy: The next book I read was this very emotional story from an author I had not heard about. Having lost her mum, dad and further relatives and friends, this biographical story is one that will have you clutching your chest, as the tears threaten to fall, as you read how the author turned to swimming to cope. Having lost my dad nearly four years ago, this really hit me hard. It was enlightening to see that grief affects us all differently. However, that grief is vital, as it’s our love for the person or people missing. This book truly shows that. 

Knife River by Justine Champine: One for thriller or mystery fans, this was a book I wouldn’t normally have picked up, yet I’m so glad I read it. Full of suspense and drama, this story is full of twist and turns, as a family comes to terms with the news that a body of their relative has been found. The descriptions in this book will stay with you for life. Honestly, not to spoil it, but the first page when the children uncover the bones from the body is still so vivid in my mind weeks later. As our many scenes within it. Definitely not one that you will forget any time soon. 

I promise to share more of my summer reads with you over the next few months lovelies! As well, my display posts will always be available on here and at Hertford Library. You never know you might just see one of these books on there! 

Joey X

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