Cut Through Those Garden Woes With STIGA’s New Cordless Chainsaw


Once upon a time, if the blog was discussing chainsaws, it would have been focusing on those famous films. Now, it’s discussing them due a very special trial I got to have using the new STIGA CS 100e Kit! Scary but super effective, this fantastic tool made keeping our garden well-kept and super trim! Perfect for those upcoming summer garden cleaning spent days!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

A few weeks ago, I was kindly gifted the opportunity to try a new STIGA product. Of course, I was quick to agree, as the previous tools have been help in us shape our garden back into the wonder it once was. I thought I would be getting the shears to try, however, upon answering the door, I was faced with a chainsaw instead. A scary tool nonetheless, yet, it soon became a vital one. 

Handing the box to the gardener in our house, my mum, she quickly popped the tool out of the box. With a 700W motor, 20V battery and a 160mm cutting width, the CS 100e Kit (10)" Cordless Chainsaw, weighed only 3.7kg, making it super light for the effect it had when in use. 

My mum charged the battery overnight, before heading out in the early sunshine to get started on a project she had been working on. We have had a fig tree in our garden that has never grown fruit and caused more damage to the soil than we hoped. Days before the chainsaw arrived, my mum has told me that she was thinking of asking someone t9 remove. With the chainsaw now at hand though, she decided to do it herself.  

Safely cutting through the thick stems and branches, it took hardly any time at all to take down the tree and make a difference in our garden. It felt like we were getting sunlight in that spot again, which we hadn’t had in years. 

Having reached up to chain speeds of 14.5 m/s, the tool looked terrifying when it was cutting away, however, it had so many safety features that I knew my mum was okay using it. Housing a trigger button, tip guard and brake, the thought of kickbacks or mistakes was soon removed. 

Even though my mum admitted that she was worried to use it, she soon got over her fears and was pleased with the results. Saving money, time and a lot of effort, she achieved what she wanted to do by herself, which made her feel proud too. 

Looking at our garden now, I feel like it looks so much better. My mum has already begun plotting where she is going to use the machine next. I hope that wherever it may be that she finds it just as good as she did this time because I was truly amazed by it. 

STIGA should be very proud of the products they have created. It glided beautifully through the wood and has made our garden so much better. Priced at £199, it may seem expensive, but in the long run it will save you so much money, as the need to use professionals will disappear. No longer will you need to hire someone when these tools will do the job for you. Your garden will look like an idyllic eden, thanks to STIGA and this tool, in no time. I promise! 

Joey X

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