My October 2022 Monthly Favourites


Good Morning Lovelies, 

October is the month of spooks, scares and surprises in lots of ways. For me, it is the month that I can truly start getting my excitement out there and shared with all. I can’t wait for Christmas, but it all begins with Halloween and getting into autumn. My favourite season of them all. Who else is with me? 

Because it is such an important month for me, I had a lot of things that made it even more special and that really brought out the happiness in me. Thankfully, the following made my October super. Find out why below: 

My Favourite Book: Parenting Hell by Rob Beckett and Josh Widdecombe - After adoring the podcast for years, the two comedians behind it have released a book on it. I read it within two days and was thankful I had a podcast from them to listen to when I finished it, as I was lost afterwards. It was pure perfection!

My Favourite TV Show: Jersey Shore Family Vacation - Many of you know that I adore Jersey Shore. Out of all of the reality TV shows around, it is my favourite. Recently, I have been looking forward to going to bed and binge watching it. Hard. It isn't a guilty pleasure, but simply a pleasure for me to watch.

My Favourite Food Find: Slow Cooker Dishes - I wanted to try and have slow cooker meals again and I whilst I haven’t managed to yet, we made big plans and recipes to so. Now, me and my mum will be hopefully making the dishes once a week and to help change my cooking life. I am so proud of myself for making this step in my recovery. 

My Favourite Beauty Item: Superdrug Beauty Services Wax Removal - Honestly, it has changed my life. I would recommend everyone try it, especially if you are near the Hatfield Galleria shop. Having my eyebrows waxed means I don’t have to spend time plucking the hairs now and can spend it doing something else I enjoy. Plus, it is super affordable. 

My Favourite Podcast: Shagged, Married, Annoyed - I have been bingeing this podcast hard, as I have lots of episodes to catch up and each one leaves me wondering something. I have even learnt a number of things from it. Whilst also being shocked and disgusted by some of the listener's stories. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

My Favourite Experience: Halloween, how could it not be lovelies. I know that this post is coming out earlier than the big day, but I love the build up more than the main event. The same with Christmas. I adore decorating my house, finding spooky things and falling under the spell of the darkest month of the year. It makes me excited for the celebrating season. 

What made your October special lovelies? 

Joey X


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