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Good Morning Lovelies, 

Having been brought up in a house full of boys, Top Gun was the epitome of cool. Tom Cruise has never made a film quite like it since. The action hasn’t ever matched it. And the soundtrack is fantastic. All things that I have been heard over the years about it in fact. Therefore, I was intrigued to see the much-anticipated sequel, Top Gun Maverick. 

With many five star reviews and a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the return of Cruise as Test Pilot Captain Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell, is one wild ride. Having avoided advancing his career since the sad death of his friend, Pete is brought back into the team, by an old enemy who believes he can teach a strong team to take out the ultimate enemy.

Yet, when faced with the son of his tragic friend Goose, played by Miles Teller, he finds that his emotional side may be affected more than he thought. Creating a storyline that beats the original one in many ways.

With strong ties to the original, including an opening sequence that matches the 1986 classic, director Joseph Kosinski, has used his action based background to breathe life into the feature. Something that Cruise reflects and Teller introduces. The film is courageous, cunning and exciting throughout. 

There isn’t a moment where it doesn’t feel like the audience is up in the air and flying along with the characters. Every little detail, camera sequences and close up edits make the thrills come thick and fast. The character interactions and scripts are strong, presenting a team that simply works. One that feels like it has never been apart. Even with all the new faces. 

However, something that is new and very refreshing is the personal element to the whole feature. Maverick is more approachable, with his personal relationships highlighted for the first time and the open emotions he has for the losses he has faced. His father like figure over Teller’s Rooster is much appreciated and makes the chances of a third feature very much wanted. 

36 years on from the first film, Top Gun Maverick soars above and beyond to avoid the danger zone. It is a sequel that will stand out amongst others. Any classic film that wishes to present its own one will now have to live up to this. It is a thrill and a half! 

5 Stars

Joey X

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