Where The Crawdads Sing Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Earlier this year, I fell for the incredible book, Where The Crawdads Sing. So, when it was announced that it was being made into a film, I couldn’t wait.

Starring, Daisy Edgar-Jones, of Normal People fame, the film tells the story of Kay, a young woman who raises herself within the marshlands of her hometown. Drawn into the world of those around her, through the lives of two men, she is faced with a murderous act. One that changes her life forever. 

Much like the book, the film shows a shocking and ultimately devastating story. All set within beautiful scenery. Yet, the feature lacks any sense of real imagination in some ways, with key elements and explanations being cut out in vital moments.

Readers will feel let down by this. Whilst those who haven’t delved into its pages will have a sense of confusion brought upon them. Something that could have been avoided with a clearer cut storyline and a better handling of the plot.

Yet, it isn’t all bad. The big twist at the end is captured perfectly. There are shocks felt by all. Even those who know what to expect. The landscapes and nature within the feature are truly stunning, something author Delia Owens can remain at peace with.

It is sad that the overall plot wasn’t captured right, letting down all of those within it. Many of which who are tremendously talented. If the writers had got a better handle on the situation, it would have been something we all could have sung about.

3 Stars

Joey X

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