Peperami Have Created The Ultimate Roasted Chicken Snack This Year!


Good Morning Lovelies,

Growing up, we were always looking for the latest lunchbox crazes. From Fruit Winders to Babybels, if you opened your bag to find one of these, you knew it was going to be a good day. 

Sometimes, even with my condition, I still find myself reminiscing about what foods brought me joy. In fact, I’ve turned to many of them to help me in my recovery. Discovering new items along the way. Including products from the classic Peperami brand. 

When I was younger, the classic meaty sticks and the mini versions, would be items that you might find to enjoy. However, the salami icon has had a makeover, turning to roasted chicken for its newest lunchbox takeover. 

Kindly, the brand sent me some of their new product to try. Quickly putting the 50g bags to the test on my mum, I decided to create a number of products to showcase their flexibility. Replacing chicken nuggets on a plate with chips. Cut up and used in wraps with salad. Placed on a plate as they are with a dip. Versatility at its best. 

Starting with the wrap, mum found that the roasted bites were brilliant with the fresh salads. Quick to cut up, these would make great sandwich fillers when time is short, but you need something filling to bind the best sandwiches or wraps together. They would go with a mix of other fillings to, from sweetcorn or even in the lead up to Christmas, leftover stuffing. 

Moving on, mum tried them on their own with a dip. As soon as she saw them on the plate, she said it reminded her of the classic dippers or chicken products she uses at parties or special occasions. Yet, by using the already roasted Peperami versions, we both agreed that it saved on cooking and energy. Mum stated straight away that they tasted exactly the same, with a bit more flavour to them in fact. Making them perfect for the whole family when used for say a child’s birthday or at a buffet. 

Finally, mum tried them with the chips. We couldn’t decide whether to warm them up for this, but chose in the end to keep them cold. Just in case it ruined the taste test. Although, as long as you are careful, we couldn’t see why you wouldn’t be able to enjoy them hot. Especially in a toasted sandwich. 

Whilst many would compare these to other famous brands, Peperami have made these roasted chicken bites their own and different. Bigger than other items on the market, strong in flavour and trustworthy, they are a great source of protein and a perfect lunchbox filler. Plus, affordable too at around £1 for a 50g bag and £2 for a multipack

Bringing a sense of nostalgia and great taste, these are definitely going to be going into our shopping bags from now on. Especially when it gets to summer time, as my mum said they would also be perfect to throw on top of a salad. Peperami are definitely winning when it comes to these bites! 

Joey X

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