Five Perfect Ways To Spend An Autumn Afternoon Outside


Good Morning Lovelies, 

With autumn now in fall swing, there is nothing better than snuggling up in your coat, gloves and scarf and heading out to see the festive lights and fall findings that are out there. For me, I love seeing the trees turning brown and the leaves on the floor. Is there anything better than the crunch of them under your feet? 

Getting out and about with those you love is also great for your mental health. The fresh air may be a bit chillier than normal, but it kind of makes everything else a bit crystal clear. Especially if you visit or do the following things I am about to suggest. Autumn is made perfect by doing them. 

Walking In The Woods Foraging: Finding winter berries, sprigs of holly and other perfect autumn plants and treats are lovely items to use to decorate your home. You can collect loads and make homemade autumn based wreaths to brighten your doors. Neighbours will love seeing them as much as you. 

A Walk With A Warm Drink: Grab a flask or get your favourite coffee shop drink and take a little walk with a loved one in the winter. Whether it be in the morning or the evening, there is nothing better than holding and having a warming cuppa with a loved one. 

Visit A Famous Building: It could be one in your town or in a nearby area that everyone says you should see, but getting the chance to experience a building tour is the perfect way to capture it in a new light. With the fallen leaves around it, it is going to look super magical. 

Go On A Christmas Tree Walk: As soon as Fireworks Night is over, you start to see all the Christmas lights and trees go up. Take a tour of the ones in your local area and witness their beauty in the natural sunlight and night time. Both are perfect. 

Kick Up The Leaves: Jump, crunch and enjoy the feel of the fallen leaves under your feet. There is no better sound than the crinkling of the brown leaves under your feet. Plus, with the conkers on the ground or the brilliant pine cones, you can head out and collect some real finds. Just be careful if you decide to play conkers, as fingers can get damaged!

What are some of your favourite things to do during autumn lovelies? 

Joey X

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