Celebrate This Party Season With Lyre's Spirit Co Gifts!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

With the festive season in full swing, the world of presents and gift giving has taken off. Bringing with it a whole host of new finds, which have been making their way into my life. Including the amazing Lyre’s alcohol free spirits. 

Lyre’s Spirit Co is a brilliant franchise, who work hard to make low-alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks that mean you can celebrate without the dreaded morning after effects. Full of flavour and ideas, the company got in touch with me back in August, hoping to mark the Christmas season together. And I am so thankful that they did! 

As someone who doesn’t drink, there is always a nice element to finding a brand who are dedicated in working so hard to include all of those in the party. Plus, with my condition, it is brilliant to find a company that I can trust and include in my recovery. 

Lyre’s very kindly sent me their Non-Alcoholic Espresso Martini Cocktail Set, which included their Coffee Originale and White Cane Spirits. The perfect pairing when mixed together. With notes of vanilla, coffee, orange and more, there is a taste sensation in every glass. One that the whole family can enjoy and embrace under the twinkling tree lights. 

Straight away, I was impressed by the look of the bottles. They looked too good to open. It was as if they had put on their best party pieces, to show off how much they should be the centre of attention. Opening the screw top lids, you could smell the notes mentioned above instantly. 

This was made even stronger when the two spirits were placed together, making a coffee aroma that my mum, who is a huge coffee fan, loved. Pouring the drink into a fancy glass for her, I wanted her to have the first taste, as she loves coffee. I mean about four or five mugs a day kind of love. Taking her first sip, she was amazed at what she found. Quickly stating it was going to be her new festive drink in fact. 

Forgetting all about the bucks fizz, she stated that you could easily enjoy this in the morning, as an alternative on Christmas day. Pouring one of these cocktails and presenting it to someone with their breakfast in bed would be very impressive I have to say. 

With even more drinks on offer, there are so many non- or low-alcohol options to choose from that will make your Christmas party pop. I love the way the bottles look and would be proud to have them on the table on the big day. Plus, with such a great taste, I am looking forward to trying more and putting them on fancy trays for others to enjoy in the future. 

To find out more about the brand or the espresso set, head to their website. You will not be disappointed. I promise you! Bottoms up lovelies! 

Joey X

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