Get Mindful With B&M This Christmas


Good Morning Lovelies,

Christmas is the best time of year to take a moment to get cosy. When you can finally take a moment to do all the self-care and relaxing that you need to be ready for the rush of the two weeks of madness it brings. Whilst also thinking about the best ways that you can help others embrace resting into their lives too.

Luckily for us all, B&M have announced a whole new range that can be enjoyed by all seeking calming vibes. From gorgeous pastel pieces to delicious hot chocolate creations, there isn’t a moment of reflection that hasn’t been thought about. Kindly, I was gifted a few pieces to try and honestly, I am never go back now. 

This period of the year is my favourite time. After heading out in the mornings, I can’t wait to get into my home for the rest of the day and snuggle up. Something that has been made even better with the hot water bottle, hottie and cosy socks that I was given by B&M.

These ideal items made me take a look at the rest of the range to help pick out my top five pieces, I hope you will love to: 

Knitted Blush Two Litre Water Bottle, £7: Cosy and warm, this is great to have next to you whether you are on the sofa or in bed. Having tried it myself, I was really happy with how warm it stayed. I was toasty all night!

Candle and Coloured Match Set, £6: Fragranced with the most beautiful smelling grapefruit, this relaxing set is perfect for any room of the house. It definitely helped me to unwind in bed after a busy day. 

Cosy Knit Blush Mug, £5: Filled with hot chocolate, a handy whisk and mini marshmallows, there will be no stopping the person enjoying this delight from having the ultimate hot chocolate night in. Plus, the extra cute blush mug cosy keeps it hotter for longer. 

Hottie With Socks, £6: If you aren’t the biggest fan of a hot water bottle, then this hottie can be placed into the microwave to warm up. Whilst heating, you can slip on the super soft socks this set comes with, before grabbing the hottie and embracing an evening of pure warmth. At £6, this is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Mindful Moments Five Piece Bath Set, £10: Including exfoliating gloves, body wash, hand cream, a candle and some gorgeous body lotion, this has everything in it to make you feel a bit more human in the festive rush. Great for when those parties become a little too much and you need an evening in of self-care and pampering. 

B&M have made a huge collection that isn’t just filled with mindful moments for the festive periods. Starting at £2.50, there is a gift for everyone, which can be embraced and enjoyed well after Christmas is over. The hardest part is knowing what to keep for yourself and what to give to others! 

How will you be relaxing during the festive period? 

Joey X

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