Five Ways To Get Cosy and Relax this Autumn


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Fall is upon us now lovelies, with summer officially over, meaning now is the perfect time to start a new nightly routine to help you unwind. At least once a week, I like to make time to spend the evening on my own, in my room, watching something or listening to something new, whilst pampering myself or getting crafty. The autumn vibes make this a whole lot easier, knowing that we are all getting cosy now. 

Therefore, I thought I would share some ideas or tips to help you unwind after a busy day, when all you want to do is get cosy. You don’t have to make a routine or do these all every night, but once a week will definitely make you feel better. Especially if it has been a stressful day.

Grab a blanket, turn that kettle on and enjoy these simple lovely pleasures…

Use Your Favourite Bath/Shower Products: Having a gorgeous warm shower or bath, with all your favourite products is the perfect way to start unwinding after a busy day. I have a gorgeous chocolate scented shower gel that I always use to make myself feel better. 

Wear Your Favourite/New Nightwear: Since the pandemic, I cannot wait to get home each day and put on my PJs. Especially if I have had a cosy shower, shaved my legs and changed my sheets. A new pair of PJs just makes me feel better. I prefer them to normal clothes in fact aha! 

Spritz Your Favourite Smells or Light A Candle: When outside is dark, the ultimate cosy vibe can be made indoors with a candle. Light one with your favourite smell or simply spritz your favourite smells around your home to bring a relaxing vibe into it. Any vanilla, cinnamon or spice scents really reflect the autumn/winter seasons for me.

Enjoy A Warming Drink: Whether it be a hot chocolate, coffee or a cup of tea, the joy a hot drink can bring as the cold comes in is perfect. Make a mug, snuggle on the sofa or under your duvet and let the frothy joy flow through. Hot chocolate for me please.

Read A Book/Listen To A Podcast/Watch TV or a Film: To calm me down, I always turn to one of these to help me relax. Podcasts make me feel like I am listening and part of a new conversation, whilst books take me to a new world and TV shows and films just make me so happy. I can’t not start or end my day without at least doing one of these. Sometimes all three. 

You don’t have to do these all in order or all at once. Yet, picking one or more and doing them will hopefully bring a huge amount of joy and a big amount of calm into your life.You can even count this blog post as reading aha! 

Joey X

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