Embrace Your Virginity Whatever Age You Are!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Recently, I read an article about a person, who was still a virgin at 27. Scrolling through the article, I found that the piece was connecting with me in many ways. And I was happy about it. For so long, it has been something that has been made out to be a bad thing. Being alone or single at the end of your 20s or a virgin isn’t ever portrayed on screen or in the pages of a magazine and book as a good thing. 

Yet, if you are happy alone, like me, learning to come to terms with health matters (also me), or simply not bothered by sex and relationships than the years can pass you by. If you are smiling through them then it doesn’t matter. Even though people believe it should. At the age of 27, I am happy to admit that I am a virgin. I have never been in a relationship. I haven’t found the right man for me. I am happy alone. 

I’m not lonely. I am not rejecting everyone I meet. I have simply been focusing on trying to love myself and my body first. Something that isn’t easy with my condition, but I am working hard to do every day. I’ve had experiences, some I regret, but I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. I don’t feel like I am lonely. I don’t feel like I am walking through life with something missing. I am simply just happy alone at the moment. 

If someone was to come along, I would happily welcome them into my life with open arms. I would be open with them about my conditions and hope that they would be okay and help me with them. But for now, I am just getting through life. Something I think we are all doing. We have been through a lot and we are only now just getting back to normal. 

Let’s start by normalising being unashamed to be a virgin still in your 20s, 30s, 40s, whatever age in fact. Let’s just live how we want to live and be okay with it all. Because we all deserve to be happy and free. Embrace it lovelies and walk with that amazing glory that you have. I love you loads! 

Joey X

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