I Discovered What Love Feels Like With The Tartan Blanket Co. Cinnamon Blanket


Good Morning Lovelies, 

There are moments in life where you simply love something so much that you have to take a few days to appreciate it. The new edition to my home was one of those. Like a new baby, when I got a beautifully gifted The Tartan Blanket Co embroidered blanket, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was honestly love at first sight. I am still not over how beautiful it is. 

The company asked me if I would like to trial one of their items, from their new Warmth Collection. Deciding on the Recycled Wool Blanket in Cinnamon Patchwork Check, I fell head over heels for the colours. Having spotted it at The Big Christmas Press Show 2022, I asked the brand then what made the blankets so beautiful and soft. Honestly, they are absolutely stunning and I could sit and stroke it. The first thing my mum did when I showed her the parcel was to run her hand along it. 

When discussing it at the show, Jade, a member of the creative team, told me all about their recycled wool. With all blankets being made naturally from sheep and goats, they are hypoallergenic, insulating, temperature regulating, moisture wicking, odour resistant and biodegradable. 

She then told me about the happy situations in which the animals are raised in, with the sheep wool being highly adaptive due to the climates they live in, including longer and finer finds from those that are raised in sunnier areas. However, all the wool used is proudly made with love, as family mills and farms work sustainably and lovingly to help the planet. And you can really tell!

Taking only a few days to arrive, the company had also beautifully engraved the blanket with my name in a beautiful grey thread. Equally as soft as the blanket itself. Upon opening the box, it felt like Christmas day. It was honestly the ultimate gift. One that keeps on giving. Placing it onto my bed, removing my normal Peaky Blinders one, it felt like my bed had suddenly grown up. It was just what I needed, as I suffer from Raynaud's Syndrome and Anorexia, which makes me really cold. 

Sleeping that night, I was super snug. Honestly, I am now thinking of investing in the gloves and scarfs that go with it. I couldn’t get over the lightweight but insulating results. I have recently been using a water bottle in bed, so when I have both this blanket and water bottle, I will not be moved. Honestly, it would take an army to get me to move. 

Priced at £65, I would happily have paid every penny for the product that was made in their Edinburgh studio. When I met the team and they told me the cost, I was shocked. When you feel the items, see the quality and end results, you would think that they would come with a designer price tag too. Yet, they are super affordable. Perfect with the holiday season coming up. However, they also gave me a great idea, when suggesting buying a blanket or a picnic blanket, engraved or a wedding gift. Who else thinks this is genius? 

The team is super lovely and knows how to cater for every customer. Whether you are looking for something to cover your knees, a scarf, full blanket or even a pet item, they have it all. And I would happily pay for it all. Since looking on the website, I am now thinking of asking for a pair of cashmere wool gloves, priced at £25 (affordable again), which I felt at the show, because they will help to regulate my Raynaud’s a lot better than other gloves. 

Right now, the blanket is in my room and I will not be removing it. I am having discussions with my mum on how we can bring more items into my home. For a great price, beautiful quality and a gorgeous look, they are worth every bit of money. I will be giving a few too over the next few years, because I want my family and friends to know about the brilliance of a Tartan Blanket Co item. 

To find out more, it is best to head to the brands website, where you will be able to see all the checks, items and prices there. Plus, you can find out all about the amazing team including Jade and Nic, who I met and were lovely. They are all amazing creators and will value you in every way. Get warm and snug this autumn and winter with a beautiful new blanket. You will love it! 

Joey X

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