Five Ways To Save Money This Halloween Season


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Halloween may seem like a scary time for lots of reasons, but it can be when thinking about the costs that come with it. Costumes, sweets and decorations can be expensive. Yet, they don’t need to be. There are many simple ways that you can save money but still make it a big party. One the Addams family would be proud of.

Five simple ways that this can be achieved are the following, which I have used and picked up over the years. I haven’t been able to stop using these over the years and it has made me love the season even more. Find out what they are below: 

Look Out For Sweet Discounts Early In The Month: See those Christmas tubs coming into supermarkets already? £2 boxes of sweets? Five bags for £1? Use all of these ideas to save money when it comes to the big night or parties. We buy these early, keeping some aside to make small gift bags for close friends and family children, before leaving the rest out for kids in our local area. Last year, they went quite quickly, so we topped up with spare finds around the house, but luckily we had enough. Sometimes it is best to set an end time and don’t feel bad about it. 

Use Household Items To Make Costumes: Whether you are an adult or a child, use items from around the house to make a costume. Kids will love being mummified with a roll of toilet paper or made into Casper the friendly ghost with a bed sheet. The same with adults. You can also dress them up as their favourite characters. A super simple idea is a doll, which involves a simple eyeliner or face paint pen to draw the lines on the person where doll joints would be and then dressing up in doll-like clothing. Barbie and Ken would be proud.

Watch YouTube Videos For Decoration Ideas: Don’t want to spend a fortune on decorations that you won’t use again. Make your own using online videos that will teach you how to make super easy creations that you will not only be proud of, but also want to show off. Plus, if you have made the decorations then you will want to show them off again and again, year after year. This means that you will save even more.

Bring A Dish Party For The Win: Hosting a party and catering for lots of different likes or tastes? Ask guests to bring snacks or dishes that they enjoy or would like to create. You can then be reassured that everyone will have something they want to eat, saving you money and time. Plus, if you are hosting a spooky dinner party, then you can get an extra surprise, by doing a guess-athon idea. A stress-free Halloween for all. 

£1 Costume Game: Forget apple-bobbing being the Halloween game of choice. Make it a fun task to set guests or those you are going trick or treating with to find you a costume for £1 from a charity shop or items in a local supermarket. This will not only get everyone excited, taking off some of the pressure of coming up with an idea, but it can make for a different theme. Whether the budget is £1 or £5, charity shop or homemade, it will be fun to see what they come up with. Just make sure to set a date before the big day to be given it to find out what the costume is. 

These are just a few money-saving hacks, which I hope will help ease the pressure a bit this year. I adore this season, so I have lots more Halloween themed ideas coming your way very soon. 

Joey X

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