Maliks Honey Is The Sweetest Find To Experience This Autumn


Good Morning Lovelies,

A few weeks ago, I was sharing my huge love of honey, when a company called Maliks Honey reached out to me. Based on Instagram and Etsy, the brand name seven different kinds of honey, including set, clear and runny to suit everyone’s needs.

After speaking to each other, the team sent me a selection of samples to try their flavours for myself. Most days I like to include a honey on top of my breakfast cereals, but I do also apply them to dinner dishes as well.

Maliks Honey makes seven different kinds of honey. These include a raw flavour, as well as Orange Mountain, Rosemary, British, White Sainfoin, Organic and Black Seed and Saffron ones. Easily distinguishable in little white tubs, I started applying them every morning to my cereal, saving a few for bagels and dinner items. 

The orange mountain flavour was the winner for me out of them all. Placed onto of one of my main meals, it stood out and made the dish so much better. As did the white sainfoin, which was great on a plain white bagel. It made it taste like a glazed donut in lots of ways. 

Whilst the rosemary, British and organic based ones were great on my cereals, especially special flakes, as it perked them up. We used the black seed and saffron honey in a slow cooker meal, which my mum really liked, as it gave the meat a real tasty glaze, according to her.

For a long time, honey was scary to me, due to my illness, but I am so thankful that I have been able to overcome it and enjoy it. Especially when it means I can enjoy small businesses like Maliks Honey, who are a stand out brand.

One I will happily buy from in the future. To find out more about the brand, check out their Etsy page, which has more information. My personal favourite would be the Orange Mountain kind, which is great with porridge. You will love it!

Joey X

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